AKARAT - 018

AKARAT - 018

This is the beginning of a new era in your life. You will wake up every morning to the sound of birds tweeting and a spectacular sea view. Bringing the tranquillity of nature and modernity of city life together, AKARAT 018 will be the centre of attraction in your life. All you need to do is enjoy yourself inhaling the clean mountain air coming from the Kayışdağı Forest in the background and overlooking a beautiful endless sea view.

AKARAT - 018 is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, making the project a good opportunity for those seeking a tranquil life. The project is surrounded by green spring areas that help the residents of the project to live healthily and enjoy the beautiful scenery around them permanently. In addition to the proximity of the project from the sea, which adds a very distinctive feature where the apartments’ owners will have the opportunity to enjoy the color of green nature in addition to the color of the sea and its beautiful view. Several service institutions are near the project, 10-minute drive from the University of "Yeditepe" and the project is also a 15-minute drive from Maltepe. The project includes 268 residential and commercial units. The project land area is 50,018 square meters. Excellent finishing for the apartments. Outdoor swimming pool and children's pool. 2 Indoor swimming pools. 2 Sports arenas. Sports club. Sports studio. Sauna, room, steam, coffee shop. Playground for children. Room for hobbies.Walkway. Spaces for relaxation.


  • Kartal district located on the Asian side of Istanbul, on the coast of the Marmara Sea with a population of 470.676 people, and a total land area of 38.54 km².
  • It is easily accessible by various modes of public transportation (by bus, train, sea, and air).
  • Kartal is host to an industrial and commercial zone, unique geological richness, forest, and coastal areas. Kartal lies at the northeast end of the Sea of Marmara and southwest of the peninsula of Kocaeli.
  • Also, it is surrounded by Maltepe in the west, Sancaktepe in the north, Sultanbeyli in the northeast, and Pendik in the east.
  • The County of Kartal has diverse socio-cultural makeup. Internal migration and subsequent population increase are influential in the diversity of Kartal.



Project Distances 

  •   15  KM from Sabiha Gökçen Airport.
  •   25 KM from Boğaziçi Bridge.
  •   12 KM from Bağdat Avenue.
  •  2.2 KM from Anatolium Mall.
  •  2.5 KM from the Kartal Sea bus.
  •    1  KM from E5 Highway, and Metrobus station. 
  •   10 KM from Kartal Metro Station, and 2 KM from TEM highway.  




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