AKARAT - 076

AKARAT - 076

AKARAT - 076

Constructed in Ayasofya Street in the Marmara neighborhood of Beylikdüzü, Akarat - 076 consists of 150 individual sections. The project comes up with 1+1 and 2+1 flat options on 3 separate blocks.

Located very close to big shopping malls, the project also includes its own shops right under the flats. The project has the best location in the Marmara neighborhood: It is constructed in front of the 3rd section of Eston Reşitpaşa Houses and is located on the intersection of different roads.

Akarat - 076: A brand new project in Beylikdüzü greets you from one of the most special coasts of the Marmara Sea. For those respected and admired people who want to face the sea every day and make it a part of themselves.

Open your windows and let the healing breeze of the Marmara Sea in. Feast your eyes on sunshine in the morning and sparkles of the sea at night.

At v, the Marmara Sea is always at your window and Istanbul is right beside you. A privileged life made of dreams is exclusively yours.

To those holding life in high regard…

Special, exclusive, unique… And high! An exceptional design for the standard-bearers of life. Leave the calculation of square meters at the door and step into the unlimited freshness with the a 6,30 meter high ceiling.

1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 lofts far from the madding crowd in secret, quiet and elite…For those who follow their own rhythm.

At Akarat - 076, you will experience serenity while still being a part of urban life. Your new home is 3 and 5 minutes away from E5 and TEM highways, but you will be far from the chaos of the city. There are lots of features to make you happy in this surrounding, West Istanbul Marina being as close as 300 meters is just one of them. Shopping malls, hospitals, cafes, restaurants and green parks waiting for you to discover. All the options for a better life are at your disposal.

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