AKARAT - 089

AKARAT - 089

AKARAT - 089

Built on a 141-square meter land in Ümraniye, the Akarat - 089 project consists of 2,750 apartments whose types vary between 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1, and sizes range from 40 to 200 square meters. The project includes 26,500-square meter ‘Vast City Park’, and abundant social facilities such as recreational areas, ponds, terrace sitting areas, a long walking track, running and bicycle tracks, education and sports complexes, city square, children playgrounds, cafes and restaurants, stores housing famous brands, and bazaars.

According to research conducted by the world-renowned business and economy magazine Forbes, Akarat - 089 has the highest investment potential and offers the highest quality of life with a score of 85.8%. The independent research analyzed İstanbul’s residential projects on sale and calculated their potential of gaining favor by grading their prices, sale rates, their premium rates after they were up for sale, green spaces, and social facilities. The research also compared the properties with the neighboring ones in terms of price and analyzed the five-year change in the housing prices.

The most significant feature of the project rising in Ümraniye is the interior design. You can enrich the interior of the house that you will buy with a customization option in any way possible –the limit is your imagination. It is a first in Turkey, allowing you to reflect your style into your home. Inspired by the automobile industry, the customization option is now included in the housing sector.


You can adjust the project however you like with the equipment and style options. The equipment options include a massage unit, water purifying systems, energy automatization, smart locking solutions, and security cameras monitoring children while the style options include colorful interior-exterior doors, writable and erasable walls, the glass design of the shower cabin, and colorful electronic appliances.

There are many social facilities in the project that is only a few steps away from distinguished brands. Stores, dining places, and every other facility you can think of are available in Sky Square. You will enjoy Sky Square to the fullest.

Whenever you want to do sports, ‘Vast City Park’ is right beside you. You can jog on the walking track and achieve the fitness you always dreamt of. Concept areas for children and walking tracks are a big part of the project. Healthy days are near with the fitness centers and fully equipped sports facilities. You will enjoy nature by gardening thanks to the gastronomy garden in the project.

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