AKARAT - 096

AKARAT - 096

AKARAT - 096

Akarat - 096 is located in a 470-year old neighborhood.

Kurtuluş is 350 meters, Osmanbey Metro Station is 900 meters, Nişantaşi 1.6 kilometers, Taksim 2.9 kilometers, Haliç 7.1 kilometers, and Bosphorus is 8 kilometers away.

It is a dynamic location surrounded by business, entertainment, arts, and culture centers.

You will live in the heart of this immemorial city, and not against a mundane Istanbul view.

While still being in the middle of Istanbul, you will be able to escape from the city itself.

After walking towards the center of the boulevard, turn to the right, then left, and you will find yourself in a serene, peaceful, and inviting neighborhood as if you weren’t just passed through the busiest place in İstanbul. This is how Akarat - 096 is –in the middle of but hidden from the city.

We long for a 260-year old culture, being sensitive, respecting, and being respected.

Imagine the classically elegant buildings that are in the background of black-and-white pictures and unforgettable memories. Imagine the royal buildings whose stairs the fancy gentlemen and graceful ladies descended, the ones we see in old movies.

Imagine a cozy home you feel close to and that is always ready to embrace memories and warmly welcome you.

Having become a settlement when the immigrants brought from Chios moved in during the reign of Suleyman the Magnificent, Kurtuluş neighborhood used to be called “Tatavla”. The name comes from “Ta Tavla”, which means a barn in Romaic, because the barns of the palace used to be situated in this neighborhood. After the fire in 1929, people started to call here “Kurtuluş”. Up until the mid 20th century, the richest and largest Greek communities lived here. It has regained its diversity today. 

Located within your living space, the 21,500-square meter Feriköy Kent Park will grant you an opportunity to breathe fresh air. You can take a walk in this park or enjoy doing sports among the greenery. The park also has playgrounds for your children, adding value to your life as a great privilege in a city like Istanbul.

The museum that focuses on culture and education in Dolapdere will host periodical events of various disciplines along with the Vehbi Koç Foundation Modern Art Collection it displays.

When we ask people about their dream home, they answered: “We want a delicate building with high ceilings, a home that suits this historical neighborhood. We want it to be welcoming inside and outside, and to offer luxury and practicality that comes with modern times.” From their answers, we understood, they don’t seek an unfriendly place surrounded by high walls, but a home they miss.

The height of the ceilings is 3.15 meters, just like the old days. It is a spacious home consists of 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1 apartments with gardens and terraces. The concierge will welcome you and take care of your needs –something to make your life easier just like the parking lots.

The old Istanbul houses used to be designed with high ceilings to offer the residents a more comfortable lifestyle. We adopt this heir and designed our apartments with 3.15-meter heightened ceilings, 30% higher than the standard buildings. In this way, we both offer a spacious and comfortable living to Akarat - 096 residents and eternize this traditional architecture.

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