AKARAT - 100

AKARAT - 100

AKARAT - 100

Yours dreams are in Akarat - 100...

Consisting of 8 blocks Akarat - 100 consists of 106 flats of different types, from 1 room 1 hall to 6 rooms 2 halls. Flat sizes are between 56 m2 and 311 m2.

Drawing attention with its low-rise architectural and landscape areas in Akarat - 100, there are 24/7 security, indoor and outdoor parking, children's playground, fitness center, gym, basketball court, football field, green area, special environmental planning and landscaping areas.

The investment value brought by being in a developing area with its proximity to West Istanbul Marina, Beylikdüzü Yaşam Vadisi and E5 motorway makes Akarat - 100 an advantageous project.

Bakırköy-Büyükçekmece (TÜYAP) Metro Line to be consisting of 25 kms and 18 stations; will make a positive contribution to the investment value of the project thanks to its convenience and ease of transportation.

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